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Good day everyone!

Welcome to our updated website for BFAR Region VII! We are continously upgrading it in order to adapt to modern technology and to address the needs of our clients especially in grasping information regarding our functions and main services.

For the past years, BFAR has been innovating in upholding its mission and vision in improving fisheries productivity within ecological limits and empower fisheries stakeholders towards food security, inclusive growth, global competitiveness and climate change adaptation. We will be creating and providing projects that could alleviate proverty among fisherfolk sectors by introducing environmental-friendly livelihood programs and good aquaculture practices. We will inculcate fisherfolks to responsible fishing to attain sustainable harvest and food security.

For the next years, BFAR envisioned our country to have self-sufficient food for everyone and value-adding product development for export purposes. With regard to fishing regulations, we will strengthen our campaign against illegal, unreported, and unregualted (IUU) fishing in relation to the present administration's goal, to stictly enforce fishery laws.




BFAR 7 Regional Director


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