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The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR-7) has conducted a monitoring, control and surveillance in Danajon Barrier Reef and around Bohol Seawaters against all forms of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing activities last June 13-17, 2016.

The seaborne patrol was led by the BFAR-7 Regional Director Andres M. Bojos together with the PNP Maritime Officers, Bohol Police Provincial Officers and Quick Responce team of BFAR-7.

There were 2 Participating Agencies who joined the patrol namely; PNP Maritime and Bohol Police Provincial Officers. Four (4) patrol crafts were used during the Joint operation.

June 13, 2016

The operation started on the early morning of June 13, 2016 from Tagbilaran Port all the way to Bein Unido.

There were a number of commercial fishing vessel which were inspected while few were given a warning due to lack of BFAR permit. There are also a number of pump boats which were also inspected.

“We are doing this routinary patrol as a help to these commercial fishing vessels operator of what are the needed requirements to be accomplished to prevent any violations in the future” said BFAR 7 Regional Director Andres M. Bojos.

June 14, 2016

The team confiscated two pump boats due to alleged use of Danish Seine mode of fishing or locally known as “hulbot-hulbot” during the conduct of seaborne patrol Lead by BFAR 7 Regional Director Andres M. Bojos at Bien Unido, Bohol last Tuesday morning.

Danish Seine mode of fishing consist of a conical net with a pair of wings, the ends of which are connected to a rope embedded with buri, plastic strips, sinkers or other similar materials to serve as scaring or herding device hauled through a mechanical winch or by manpower

Eight (8) fishermen were brought to Bien Unido Police Station for the turn over of the confiscated fishing gears and for the filling of case against them.

June 15, 2016

The BFAR team continued their surveillance on all commercial fishing vessels and pumpboats on their third day of patrolling on the seas of bohol.

There were a few of commercial fishing vessel which was inspected and given a warning notice that they are not allowed to continue fishing due to lack of licences and permit to operate while some had accomplished all necessary requirements.

Municipal Fisherfolks were also checked, inspected and reminded that they must be registered to their Municipality Fishery Office.

“It is important that these commercial vessels complete all permits and licenses in order to continue their operations smoothly” said Director Bojos

June 16, 2016

A fisherman was arrested after two (2) bottles of improvised dynamite was allegedly caught in his possession during the conduct of Seaborne Monitoring of BFAR 7 Lead by Regional Director Andres M. Bojos yesterday morning.

Renerio Peñaranda, a resident and a Fisherfolk of Mantatao, Calape was arrested and brought to Calape Police Station for the filing of case against him.

“Baynte nako ka tuig nanagat sir wala gud ko nisuway ug gamit anang mga ginadili nga panagat” (Ive been fishing for 20 years sir and never have I take part in any illegal or unregulated way of fishing) said Peñaranda after he was ask by Director Bojos.

“IUU (illegall, Unreported and Unregulated) way of fishing is one of the main reason why our marine and natural resources will be at stake, that is why we at BFAR 7 continues to conduct these monitoring and surveillance to reduce the numbers of violaters” said Director Bojos.

“It gives me such gladness that BFAR 7 has conducted these routinary seaborne patrol for Mantatao’s fishermen are notorious in using improvised dynamite as their mode of fishing” said Mayor Sulpicio Yu of the Municipality of Calape, Bohol.t

Bojos further added that BFAR’s aim is not all about apprehending and arresting violators but simply to guide and help them in their livelihood most especially those Municipal Fisherfolks who are dependent on their catch.




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